Key takeaways:

#1: How can we be so driven to be successful at such a young age?

Though Primoz was dubbed as a smart kid in school, he often felt bored.  A turning point was when he first started reading about personal development and then business. Primoz didn’t really feel super driven to achieve anything specific. Instead, he experienced this sense of excitement that made it feel easy and even effortless to start with his own projects.  Overtime, he also developed more drive and motivation and learned how to be disciplined. Discipline here means being able to work when he didn’t feel like working or when he was tired, when he’s having a bad day and when he is in an emotional situation.

Action step:  Find a subject you feel curious about and choose to learn more about that subject.

#2: Intelligence- curse or blessing?

For Primoz, being praised as a kid was actually an obstacle that created pressure to constantly prove himself.  He realized, that true curiosity comes from the willingness to try out new things and being willing to fail at things. Overtime, Primoz developed a growth mindset, enjoying the process of learning how to run a business just as much as enjoying specific successes and outcomes.

Action step: Appreciate the effort and hard work as part of the process of becoming good in your career, and enjoy the process of learning at least as much as celebrating little and big wins.

#3: Who inspired you to read more on subjects related to personal development, and what was the first good book you read on the topic?

Blogger who inspired me: Scott H Young who wrote about topics related to social skills, that really resonated with Primoz

First book: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by: Stephen Covey: This was the book that got Primoz more excited about personal development. Thanks to this book, Primoz learned about.

    • How to set big goals and break them down into smaller ones.
    • The need to focus on not urgent but important goals.
    • Things that are urgent but not important.
    • The need to take personal responsibility and not blame others for your outcomes.

Action step:  Read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

#4:  Other books Primoz recommends: Currently he is reading a lot on emotional intelligence, and recommends the book: Emotional Intelligence Quick Book and Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by: Travis Bradberry.

Action step:  Immerse yourself in a topic you enjoy and read at least 3 books on that subject.

#5: What separates successful- from less successful entrepreneurs?

  • Primoz thinks the willingness to learn new things, experiment and take action are critical skills for entrepreneurs. This is so because if you learn new skills and try out new things you’re gonna improve and then you’re going to get better and learn from trial and error. This is how you become really good at what you do.
  • The important thing to note is we need to learn AND take action, to ensure we move towards our goals. One without the other won’t work.
  • Having said that, Primoz doesn’t think there’s one thing, but instead various characteristics that make us successful. Examples include:
    • Mentality
    • Work Ethic
    • Perseverance
    • Resilience
    • Mental Toughness
    • Willingness to put yourself outside of your comfort zone
    • Willingness to take risks

Action step: What is one action step you have been procrastinating, and that you can schedule for the next 48 hours?

#6: One strategy to help  write great content, consistently: Go to a coffee shop and write there. For Primoz, coffee shops are a great place of inspiration where he also doesn’t feel distracted.

Action step: If you need to write some content, designate a Powerblock in a coffee shop.

#7: Why do you have a ‘’thinking coach’’?

  • Primoz’s thinking coach helps him become aware of invisible thought patterns that are holding him back and that he would like to change.  Thanks to this work, he:
    • Feels less stressed out.
    • Regularly fixes his business and life problems.
    • Enjoys better relationships.
    • Feels happier and is more successful.

Action step: Try out a session with a high performance coach or thinking coach.

#8: How do you handle stress?

  • For Primoz, it’s it’s about doing less and reducing his activities every time he feels that has too much on his plate.
  • The first thing he does is what he called “time perch”, whereby he looks at his schedule and eliminates whatever is not helping him or does not feel enjoyable. Once he has fewer commitments, Primoz immediately feels more relaxed and in control again.

Action step: What is something you can stop doing to free up your schedule so you can do the kind of activities that help you progress your most important goals.

#9: Biggest win of 2018: Improving the quality of his relationship with his new girlfriend.

Action step: Think of your biggest win in 2018, and feel good about this achievement. 😉

#10: What’s one habit that you started following through within 2018 that really made a big difference in your life?

  • Creating a lean schedule, which means:
    • Do client calls and meetings only on Wednesdays and Thursdays
    • This means, no calls and client meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays and Fridays: These days are exclusively dedicated to content creation and building new programs.

Action step: How can you optimize your schedule?

#11: Happiness means:  laying in bed at the end of the day knowing that you’ve really used today in the best possible way and laying in bed with someone that you love.

Action step: Define what happiness means for you.




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Mindset by: Carol Dweck

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by: Stephen Covey

Emotional Intelligence Quick Book by: Travis Bradberry

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by: Travis Bradberry


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