Here is my question to you:

  1. What do you think separates the very best from everyone else?
  2. Are they simply smarter than their competitors, do they work much harder, or is it something else that distinguishes them?
  3. This is a question I have been asking myself ever since I was a teenager.
Allon Khakshouri

Hello, I’m
Allon Khakshouri

High performance expert, sports entrepreneur and former manager of three world # 1 tennis players, including Novak Djokovic.

I help ambitious people belong to the best at what they do so they can count themselves to the leaders of their field.

Having managed some of the world’s best tennis players, I can tell you that whether you are an entrepreneur, singer, athlete, or do anything else that requires unique skills, you must belong to the best of your industry.

This is because we live in a world that admires, appreciates and pays a huge premium to the stars of every profession, at the expense of everyone else.

And this trend is unlikely to change.

Think of it this way:

The winner of a 100 meters sprint race may earn multiple times the income compared to his fiercest rivals, even though he only runs a few milliseconds faster.

In the same way, we must all constantly find our millisecond-edge that allows us to stay on top of our game so that we can enjoy an exciting and successful career.

If we don’t, we will in all likelihood be doomed to live the kind of rat race life in which we are forced to work longer hours for the same or even lower compensation than we are accustomed to. The sad truth is that this would mean barely having time for ourselves, our friends and our families.

Having managed some of the world’s best tennis players, I have discovered first hand the one differentiator that separates outliers from everyone else so that they can experience what I like to call, an awesome lifestyle;

  • It is not their talent with which they were born with that makes them super successful;
  • It is also not that they work 24/7 without ever giving themselves a break to breathe.

What makes top achievers so unique is their relentless desire to pursue big dreams.

They don’t just rely on their exceptional skills alone.

Instead, they continuously learn, grow and reinvent themselves so that they keep getting better at what they do.

This is what makes top performers so unique and special.

And what fascinates me the most about these individuals is that they somehow always seem to have more time to relax, recover, have fun and hang out with friends than everyone else — no wonder people envy them so much!

Having studied high performance for many years now, I want to share with you the three main characteristics that allow High Performers to enjoy this sustained long term success without overworking themselves:

First, they regularly introduce new success habits into their lifestyle that move them closer towards their big goals, while at the same time eliminating those habits that are holding them back. While some of these success habits don’t always seem that remarkable for an outsider, combined they trigger the magical power of compounding that ignites incredible professional results and personal satisfaction.

So in order to become a high performer, you must learn how to create empowering habits that will propel you towards more joy and success.

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Second, high performers also constantly push themselves beyond their own limits, by embracing new challenges in a positive and optimistic manner. Over time, they develop the mental toughness that enables them to achieve outcomes that go way beyond their current capabilities, without ever letting setbacks stop them.

If you want to belong to the very best of your industry, you must develop the kind of mental strength that will allow you to turn big ambitions into achievable goals, persist through struggles and develop the kind of confidence that will make you unstoppable.

However, that is not enough if you desire to perform at the highest level. In addition to success habits and mental toughness, you must also develop the ability to perform your best in those career defining moments.

I first became aware of the importance of this when I realized how many of the most promising junior tennis players never managed to fulfill their potential and evolve into the prodigies everyone expected them to become. Then I noticed how most of us underperform and undersell ourselves in so many common day situations.

While even the most gifted and hard-working individuals crumble during big pressure moments and hence mess up crucial opportunities, top performers constantly refine their routines and rituals so that they can perform on command regardless how they feel or what else is going on in their lives. This is what allows them to deliver excellence on a consistent basis.

To experience regular breakthroughs, you too must learn to cope with pressure regardless if you are negotiating the business deal of your lifetime, speaking in front of a gigantic crowd, going out with on a hot date, or running the Olympic finals of the 100-meter sprint.

Success Habits

Discover the habits and rituals that allow High Performers to become super productive, feel more energized and inspired while having lots of joy and fun. This is how you unleash your professional potential without ever burning out.

Mental Toughness

Learn how to Train your mind so you can set ambitious goals,  persist through difficult struggles, rebound from setbacks and experience the kind of breakthrough result that will make you belong to the top performers of your industry.

Performance Skills

Find out how Olympians regulate their state in those high-pressure moments that define their careers and introduce rituals that will allow you to perform your best whenever the stakes are high.

I have been very fortunate to be able and pursue my dream job and belong to one of the most successful tennis agents. During this time, I saw from close up what it takes to belong to the best performers in probably the toughest individual sport.

Now, my big goal is to help as many people I can become a high performer and balance professional excellence with personal satisfaction. This is how I believe more people will be able to make a bigger impact through their work, without burning themselves out or sacrificing their personal well-being.

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Have fun,