The one secret you must know about love!

It is no secret that around half the marriages in the modern world fall apart after a few years. From the other half, we can also assume that many fail to really thrive in their relationships. This predicament is even scary to many singles, as they might sense that...

What do you think is possible?

Up until 1954, no person ever managed to run a mile under 4 minutes. This seemed beyond the human limit. Doctors and scientists believed man kind had reached a record that could not be broken. Until Roger Bannister came along. He claimed it was possible and trained as...

Changing the Paradigm on failure

We have all heard how important it is to learn from failures, and that making mistakes is actually important. However saying that we encourage people to do and learn from mistakes is of course not the same as creating a safe environment for people to do so. In a study...

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